16J ORGANICS™| 100% Natural Organic Skincare
Skincare That Feeds Our Largest Organ

Testimonials from 16J Organics Users

What are people saying about 16J Organics™

16J ORGANICS™ is an all natural organic skincare line that feeds our skin (our body’s largest organ) from the outside-in.  Our handcrafted formulas are real food for the skin. We believe that for our skin to be beautiful and healthy it requires feeding of the highest quality, organic, most nutritionally dense, whole food, food grade ingredients.  16J Organics' products are non-toxic, family friendly and produced in small batches in NYC.

 What Users Are Saying About 16J ORGANICS

What Are People Saying

"I waited two weeks before writing this review to track the progress of my skin using 16J products, and I am thrilled to say that everything exceeds my expectations! I suffer from a skin condition that has resulted in scarring, and I am extremely careful what I apply to my sensitive skin. My scarring, texture and softness has improved significantly since using 16J. Every other day I’ve used the scrub, which is just the right texture – neither too harsh nor soft, just right – and coupled with the soothing oil in it, leaves my skin feeling gently buffed and renewed. I even use it on my face one a week. The Green Quench is my favorite – my skin is so supple after using it, I often find myself rubbing my arms throughout the day because I can’t believe how soft they remain hours after stepping out of the shower. At night I apply Mo’ Butter to scars on my legs, and have noticed enough improvement where I’ve worn shorts for the first time this year. It is quite rich so I apply it sparingly to my face after the shower and at night, and my skin retains noticeably more moisture than with any other cream I’ve used. The Lip Rico with a hint of cocoa is not only great in helping my chapped lips, but is also delicious! With all the different oils in these products I was initially concerned before my purchase about the fragrance, but it is a very subtle and appealing scent that doesn’t compete with my light fragrance. With 60% of what we apply to our skin absorbed, my skin is loving this new diet, and feels simultaneously healthy, scrubbed and soft. I’m a convert! "  Lisa Hurley

"I heard you on the Joan Hamburg show and purchased two of your products- Green Quench and Mo'Butter- Love them!!What wonderful products. Looking forward to purchasing the rest of your line very soon. Much luck to you--PS your packaging is fabulous!" -
Arleen Larzelere

"Highly recommend each of 16J products which I've been using for two years. Green Quench is my daily essential that I use post-shower or post-bath, and sometimes in between. It's easy-to-use elegance in a bottle that makes my skin look and feel great. 16J complements my organic lifestyle." - J. Baldwin

"These are amazing products that feel great on your body and smell so good!  I love everything about this product and highly recommend you try it for yourself!" - Phyllis D

"Love 16J Organics, I use the Green Quench daily after I shower. It feels amazing on my skin giving me a wonderful glow. Love the light scent of the product which doesn't interfere with my fragrance, actually enhances it. I also use a small amount on my face.  Mo'Butter is marvelous on my hands and feet. Truly love these natural products!!! Can't wait to try the Scrub.” - I. Llepiorz
"If you appreciate an organic but decadent bath ritual-like experience, you will love 16J Organics. If you are prone to dry, sensitive, or irritated skin, you'll love 16J Organics. With ingredients that are natural enough to eat, 16J is made with the highest quality of ingredients that your skin will love. I've had dry skin for years, especially during winter months and since using 16J Organics, I have to hydrate less during the day. I'm a fan!" 
- Tai Beauchamp

"Using 16J Organics is like having your own personal spa.  The quality is amazing, and everything smells heavenly.  A must for those who like to "Spa".-  Mica Wilson

"I’ve been using 16J Organics for two years, and love everything about the products. I can even use these products on my face with no issues, even though I have rosacea.  The ingredients are all natural/organic, which means I can use them without concern for what I’m putting on my skin. Thanks so much for these amazing products!"  - Susan Liebold, NYC

"I love Green Quench!  I have very dry and sensitive skin that reacts to most lotions on the market. Green Quench turned by skin super soft, even in the dead of winter.  I'm also quite pale and the natural oils in Green Quench seemed to give me a nice healthy glow. It feels wonderful to be using a product that is so nontoxic. I use it every day post shower.   I also use Mo'Butter as a hand cream and it smells amazing.  Very soothing before going to bed."- Christine Rocchio