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Our Body's Bloodstream Absorbs 60% Of What We Apply To Our Skin

At 16J ORGANICS™ we believe that in order for our skin (our body's largest organ) to be beautiful and healthy it requires feeding from the outside - in with the highest quality, organic, most nutritionally dense, whole food, food grade ingredients. Our natural skincare products are packed with nature's superfoods rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  Each formula contains these life-sustaining nutrients; providing nourishment to the body and leaving the complexion soft, glowing and supremely moisturized. Our collection, packaged in cobalt blue glass bottles and jars is nontoxic, for all skin types, and family friendly. Every item is handcrafted, in small batches in New York City.

Green Quench 8oz Green Quench 8oz

Green Quench 8oz

Green Quench 4oz Green Quench 4oz

Green Quench 4oz

Mo'Butter 4oz 16J Organics Box

Mo'Butter 4oz

Mo'Butter 1.7oz IMG_4436 2.jpg

Mo'Butter 1.7oz

Scrubs 16j Organics Box


Lip'Rico Lip'Rico Size


Complete Collection 16J Organics Green Quench 4oz

Complete Collection

Nourishing Duo 16J Organics Green Quench 8oz

Nourishing Duo